Great Moments in TV KISStory

Things worth noting: Tupac’s claim that “the swap meet was closed,” hence the Versace. Gene Simmons’ pronunciation of “Los Angeles” as “Loas Angeleez” The fact that “I Can Love You Like That” by All-For-One was nominated for a Grammy, alongside the theme from Friends Peter Criss saying “yes!” when Pac announces the winner At one … Continue reading

Safe Inside the Day

Because it is Easter. Because there is only One safety. Because I choose danger– Because I don’t choose. Because certain songs get remembered and sung again– Time and population will swell and certain songs still matter; And color comes quiet in rock louds. Because that I can choose, Despite thunder’s drama. But mostly because it … Continue reading

Hide on them backstreets

Here’s Brian Fallon of Jersey soul-punks the Gaslight Anthem covering Springsteen’s classic “Backstreets.”  Bruce’s version is a howling yelp that finds power from its suffering (like all good Bruce songs); Fallon’s acoustic cover is just straight-up tragic.   more about “Hide on them backstreets“, posted with vodpod (via

T for Texas

I don’t know what it is about Upstate New York that causes people to grow bushy beards, abandon electric instruments, and settle into deep, weird, soulful Americana, but I can’t tell you how thankful I am for it.  I talked about Levon Helm and the Band yesterday, and while I certainly love Helm solo and … Continue reading

Levon Helm – Poor Old Dirt Farmer

Want to hear one of my favorite songs of 2007? It’s hard to decide to pick a  favorite fact about Levon Helm: that he played Loretta Lynn’s dad in Coal Miner’s Daughter; that he grew up in a small town called Turkey Scratch outside of Helena, AR; that he now plays with a small band … Continue reading

Everlast – “Folsom Prison Blues”

From Crackle: Everlast: “Folsom Prison Blues This may be the worst cover I’ve ever heard. Let me back up a moment. I appreciate Everlast and what he’s trying to do here.  I understand that he wants to pay tribute to Johnny Cash, that he probably loves and respects Cash more than the average person, that … Continue reading

Are you ready for that great atomic power?

Uncle Tupelo covering the legendary Louvin Brothers (Jeff Tweedy sang this song with Charlie Louvin on Louvin’s 2007 self-titled LP): I once met Charlie Louvin in Nashville. I was watching Cake at some festival on the river downtown, and they brought him out to sing a few songs. I was raised to respect my country … Continue reading

Sigur Rós at Bonnaroo

Sometimes, it’s nice to lose yourself in a song. Watch this: I almost always tear up when the horns come in. [via Stereogum]