Top 5 Live Moments, 2005

Top Five Live Music Moments, 2005 (National) 1.  Mayor Ray Nagin on stage; Voodoo Fest I’ll spare the explanation and just say that it was incredibly heartwarming to see Nagin on stage; he wasn’t smiling, he wasn’t laughing, he was positively giddy over the site of 15,000 coming together.  Every other time I’d seen him … Continue reading

Tiger Bear Wolf – s/t

Tiger Bear Wolf – Tiger Bear Wolf Hello Sir Records – 5 Stars I’ve got blood running down my cheek.  It’s formed a little puddle near my feet, feet which were used for running and kicking and jumping mere minutes ago.  The sweat and dirt on my brow makes my hair stick flat on my … Continue reading

Tiger Bear Wolf [Twiropa, June 2005]

Tiger Bear Wolf Save Rock and Roll What can I say about Tiger Bear Wolf that I didn’t already say in last month’s review of their recently released self-titled record?  The mysterious North Carolina swamp-punk band has seen universal acclaim from those lucky enough to have heard Tiger Bear Wolf, from major online rag Stylus … Continue reading