Albums of the Year: 2007

1.  The National — /Boxer/ In a year that saw face-plants from the Shins, Modest Mouse, Interpol, and the other usual suspects, Brooklyn’s National made what is probably the only clear-cut Great record of the year.  When I reviewed Boxer this summer, I called Matt Berninger’s exploration of 21st-Century American disenfranchisement “perfectly controlled and composed … Continue reading

The National – Boxer

The National – Boxer Beggars Banquet – 4 Stars The splash page on, home page of Brooklyn’s the National, features a rather candid black and white picture of the band and several friends in front of a building in what appears to be New York.  The picture is a bit grainy, a bit out … Continue reading

R’n’R Confessional: Can’t Stop the Bum Rush

Rock ‘n’ Roll Confessional For better or worse, I’ve spent the last three years as this magazine’s Lisa Simpson: the young, self-righteous know-it-all who can’t understand why everyone else seems to be having so much fun.  Plus I go for Leslie Feist like Lisa went for Corey.  Of course, all Simpsons analogues stop there: our … Continue reading