All the sniffling midwestern kids

I’ve spent the last two years thinking about the Festival of Faith and Music.  When I heard about it two years ago, some rumor that Neko Case and Emmylou Harris were going to share a stage and talk about the ways their art interacted with their face, my interest was piqued.  I spent too much … Continue reading

Standing on their shoulders to punch their faces

Apparently, while I was off getting my Jack Kerouac on, two of my favorite musicians did the unthinkable: David Berman of the Silver Jews and Tad Kubler of the Hold Steady dared to criticize Radiohead.  (Berman here and Kubler here, both links via Stereogum).  Predictably, NASA had to come in to keep the internet from … Continue reading

Hot Hot Heat / Half a Year in Song

Nineteen-hundred miles later, I’m back in the swamps, ringing out my shirts and screaming about football.  I love Louisiana so much it hurts sometimes.  It hurts when I drive through Baton Rouge, past my old house in the Garden District and the little clap house on State; it hurts when I talk to my friends … Continue reading

Good Day for Music

And not just because the new My Morning Jacket and Lil Wayne records are out. In fact, the two records I’m most excited about today haven’t been released yet. Click here to stream the new Sigur Rós. Click here to stream the new Hold Steady. My Albums of the Year list is already filling up … Continue reading

The Rising: The Canonization of Bruce Springsteen

Marty Garner The Rising:  The Canonization of Bruce Springsteen In 1974, rock critic Jon Landau wrote “I have seen rock and roll future, and its name is Bruce Springsteen.”  Landau, who went on to produce Born to Run as well as manage the Boss’ career following that record, cannot have known how right he was. … Continue reading

I’m Not There OST

Various Artists – I’m Not There Columbia; 4 stars To try and sum up I’m Not There, the thirty-four song soundtrack to the Todd Haynes Dylan biopic of the same name, is about as futile as trying to draw a conclusive summary of Dylan himself.  Haynes took a shortcut by casting six lead actors as … Continue reading