Hot Hot Heat / Half a Year in Song

Nineteen-hundred miles later, I’m back in the swamps, ringing out my shirts and screaming about football.  I love Louisiana so much it hurts sometimes.  It hurts when I drive through Baton Rouge, past my old house in the Garden District and the little clap house on State; it hurts when I talk to my friends … Continue reading

I was gonna write a real post

But then I came across this video of Björk playing “Gobbledigook” with Sigur Rós at a concert in Iceland to raise awareness on the effects of aluminum smelting on Iceland’s topography. [via Stereogum]


What I’ve heard of the new Sigur Rós record also falls into the below category.  Yow.

Sigur Rós at Bonnaroo

Sometimes, it’s nice to lose yourself in a song. Watch this: I almost always tear up when the horns come in. [via Stereogum]

Good Day for Music

And not just because the new My Morning Jacket and Lil Wayne records are out. In fact, the two records I’m most excited about today haven’t been released yet. Click here to stream the new Sigur Rós. Click here to stream the new Hold Steady. My Albums of the Year list is already filling up … Continue reading

R’n’R Confessional: Can’t Stop the Bum Rush

Rock ‘n’ Roll Confessional For better or worse, I’ve spent the last three years as this magazine’s Lisa Simpson: the young, self-righteous know-it-all who can’t understand why everyone else seems to be having so much fun.  Plus I go for Leslie Feist like Lisa went for Corey.  Of course, all Simpsons analogues stop there: our … Continue reading