Things I Meant to Remember

Now is the time that all good blogs and magazines compile their lists of their favorite albums, songs, and all that nonsense.  My ten favorite songs list is up now on Aquarium Drunkard, and my albums should be up there sometime next week. I listened to a lot of music this year, more than any … Continue reading

More Radiobashing

This time, though, I don’t agree with it.  This from Oasis’ Noel Gallagher (typically Gallaghan strong language, be warned)     They’re [Radiohead] middle-class boys worrying about pushing an envelope somewhere, and all that carbon footprint and all that bollocks. Every time there’s a polar bear on his tiptoes on an ice cube in the middle … Continue reading

Sweatin’ all over that plastic guitar

According to this post of supposed tracks, Rock Band 2 will be the greatest game in the history of games. Will I probably collapse in a fit of passion while playing “Born to Run” on a plastic guitar in front of a television? Yes, yes I will. Any Michiganders who happen to be reading, please … Continue reading