Everyone’s afraid of the word “hipster”

My old pal/former roommate/momentary bandmate/knife champion Brady Walker posted a blog recently about, among other things, the way and weight of the critical opinion and its confluence with hipster culture.  I should also note that Cajun Radio is an excellent name for a blog.  Please go read his thoughts before reading mine. (Click Read More … Continue reading

R’n’r Confessional: Ironing it Out

I recently spent a week or so in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing.  Calvin is a Reformed Christian school that prides itself on thoughtful engagement of the arts from a Christian perspective, as well as its open-mindedness in such matters.  In keeping with their long-standing tradition of inviting … Continue reading

R’n’r Confessional: Rock is Dead

Philosophy undergraduate and future critic Richard Meltzer wrote a book in 1967 called The Aesthetics of Rock that looked at the genre inquisitively, critiquing the various social and philosophical concerns of everyone from Martha and the Vandellas to the Beatles.  This was the year that Sgt. Pepper’s forced people to take rock seriously as an … Continue reading

R’n’r Confessional: Animal Magnetism

Rock ‘n’ Roll Confessional Perhaps it’s time I started treating this column more like its namesake. I have a confession to make. If you read my last posting back in December, you may remember me demanding to know whether Animal Collective has any fans.  To me they’ve always been one of those bands that people … Continue reading

R’n’r Confessional: Letter to an Indie Nation

Rock ‘n’ Roll Confessional, Dec 07 Letter to an Indie Nation Through convenient revisionist history, Bob Dylan lives in our minds just as he was in 1965: skinny, wild haired, hidden behind dark glasses, and smoking; jittery on methamphetamines and singing about morality; criticizing society while trying his best to find his place in it.  … Continue reading

R’n’r Confessional: Death by Electronics

My iPod and eMusic account are conspiring to slowly kill me.  So far, they’re winning. When I drive around with my iPod, I’ve got 30 gigs of music at my disposal.  If I feel like listening to, say, Akron/Family’s new record, it’s at my fingertips immediately.  If I want to switch to Hank Williams halfway … Continue reading

R’n’r Confessional: Daddy Bruce

While the rest of the staff will spend the month of December writing their year-end lists, checking them twice, and trying to find out if Devendra’s been naughty or nice, I’ll be shaking hands with Chancellor Sean O’Keefe and peacing out of Louisiana State University.  I know that for most of you this is probably … Continue reading

R’n’R Confessional: Can’t Stop the Bum Rush

Rock ‘n’ Roll Confessional For better or worse, I’ve spent the last three years as this magazine’s Lisa Simpson: the young, self-righteous know-it-all who can’t understand why everyone else seems to be having so much fun.  Plus I go for Leslie Feist like Lisa went for Corey.  Of course, all Simpsons analogues stop there: our … Continue reading