Everyone’s afraid of the word “hipster”

My old pal/former roommate/momentary bandmate/knife champion Brady Walker posted a blog recently about, among other things, the way and weight of the critical opinion and its confluence with hipster culture.  I should also note that Cajun Radio is an excellent name for a blog.  Please go read his thoughts before reading mine. (Click Read More … Continue reading

Oh Good Grief

This is what bad music writing looks like. The writer clearly has nothing to say about Pattern is Movement, but rather than simply report the news (which is, of course, what he’s supposed to be doing), he feels the need to impose his personality upon it, resulting in the annoying mess above. Pitchfork does this … Continue reading

Standing on their shoulders to punch their faces

Apparently, while I was off getting my Jack Kerouac on, two of my favorite musicians did the unthinkable: David Berman of the Silver Jews and Tad Kubler of the Hold Steady dared to criticize Radiohead.  (Berman here and Kubler here, both links via Stereogum).  Predictably, NASA had to come in to keep the internet from … Continue reading