Of Montreal – The Sunlandic Twins

Of Montreal – The Sunlandic Twins Polyvinyl.  Four Stars. I am fairly certain that if we were to capture and kill Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, and subsequently eat him, he would taste like cereal.  Pure, sugary, teeth-rotting FrankenBerry.  He’d turn the milk pink.  He wouldn’t cut the roof of the mouth, either.  Once we (and … Continue reading

Of Montreal [Twiropa, June 2005]

By all accounts, Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes is a child making music for adults.  Well, not in the literal sense, but his music has always had a gorgeously childlike amazement and hyperactivity to it.  Of Montreal’s newest record, The Sunlandic Twins, finds Barnes shifting from Beach Boys-esque pop to the dance floor ready sounds of … Continue reading