Hot Hot Heat / Half a Year in Song

Nineteen-hundred miles later, I’m back in the swamps, ringing out my shirts and screaming about football.  I love Louisiana so much it hurts sometimes.  It hurts when I drive through Baton Rouge, past my old house in the Garden District and the little clap house on State; it hurts when I talk to my friends … Continue reading

Young Lions

At its best, rock ‘n’ roll unites people. From the original banding of the counterculture in the 1950s to the tightness of those hippie drum circles in the Haight to Joe Punk pulling his buddy up in the pit, good rock music has the capacity to provide much-needed community to people who would otherwise might … Continue reading

Coast Carving, Picture Taking, No Ageing: A Weekend

I made my first trip up the Pacific Coast Highway Saturday morning, which was every bit as beautiful as everyone says. The sun was up, people were out on their road bikes, carving up the continental edges. I wanted to sleep in on my first Saturday morning in The City, but, well, when you haven’t … Continue reading