Top 5 Worst Musical Moments, 2005

1.  Hurricane Katrina (both for cancelling shows by Rilo Kiley, MIA, Magnolia Electric Co., Built to Spill, etc and for, well, you know.) 2.    The sound at the Walkmen’s Jazzfest show; Twiropa 3.     Chino Moreno’s ham-fisted guitar playing with Team Sleep; Howlin’ Wolf 4.    The tapdancer for Tilly and the Wall; Twiropa. I’m sorry.  I … Continue reading

Top 5 Live Moments, 2005

Top Five Live Music Moments, 2005 (National) 1.  Mayor Ray Nagin on stage; Voodoo Fest I’ll spare the explanation and just say that it was incredibly heartwarming to see Nagin on stage; he wasn’t smiling, he wasn’t laughing, he was positively giddy over the site of 15,000 coming together.  Every other time I’d seen him … Continue reading