Levon Helm – Poor Old Dirt Farmer

Want to hear one of my favorite songs of 2007? It’s hard to decide to pick a  favorite fact about Levon Helm: that he played Loretta Lynn’s dad in Coal Miner’s Daughter; that he grew up in a small town called Turkey Scratch outside of Helena, AR; that he now plays with a small band … Continue reading

Neko Case [Republic, August 12, 2007]

Comedian Eddie Izzard, when commenting on the National Anthem, said that it doesn’t really matter what you’re singing as long as you’re singing with gusto.  The same could be said of Neko Case; this show would be a hard sellout even if she were going to sing the Orleans Parish Yellow Pages. Fortunately, Case, whose … Continue reading

R’n’r Confessional: Letter to an Indie Nation

Rock ‘n’ Roll Confessional, Dec 07 Letter to an Indie Nation Through convenient revisionist history, Bob Dylan lives in our minds just as he was in 1965: skinny, wild haired, hidden behind dark glasses, and smoking; jittery on methamphetamines and singing about morality; criticizing society while trying his best to find his place in it.  … Continue reading