No sneaux in Michigan

If you were to combine all of the inches of snow that Louisiana has ever gotten in my twenty-four years, it would still not be as thick as the blanket that Baton Rouge and Lafayette got last night.  For some confusing reason, this picture makes me more homesick than anything else yet: from Advertisements

Hold That, Tiger

Stolen (ironically) from Perhaps I should start by saying that I love my Louisiana home, as anyone in Grand Rapids may quickly attest to.  Ever since I visited France and saw that there was a part of the world that not only understood my home but loved and appreciated it, I’ve been a staunch … Continue reading

Déjà Vu

It’s been three years and a day since everything changed, and it looks like it’s going to keep changing.  And yet all of the photos look the same, at least so far. If you’re so inclined, please pray for Louisiana.   I have to say, though, I do feel a bit more comfortable knowing that … Continue reading