Young Lions

At its best, rock ‘n’ roll unites people. From the original banding of the counterculture in the 1950s to the tightness of those hippie drum circles in the Haight to Joe Punk pulling his buddy up in the pit, good rock music has the capacity to provide much-needed community to people who would otherwise might … Continue reading

Things Angelenos Hate: Me, While I’m Driving

Like the citizens of all big cities, Angelenos enjoy a love/hate relationship with their home.  I plan on documenting as many of them as I can.  First up: Me While I’m Driving: Here is a very, very small segment of the Los Angeles freeway.  It looks like this at literally any time except Sunday morning, … Continue reading

Greetings from Sunny Los Angeles

Just finished up the first day of work. My office is in a warehouse in downtown LA, next door to a fruit-packing warehouse. Our next door neighbor is Little Radio, a superhip streaming indie station that broadcasts from a crow’s nest in the adjacent warehouse. Very Pump Up the Volume. Little Radio apparently throws cool … Continue reading