You wanted the best? You got the best.

For those of you whose lives don’t revolve around the revolving of a 12″ piece of vinyl, a 5″ piece of plastic, or an infinitesimally small hard drive, today is National Record Store Day. Last year, I picked up Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs, Chance Jones’ The Angels’ Share, and, uh, something else that I can’t … Continue reading

Great Moments in TV KISStory

Things worth noting: Tupac’s claim that “the swap meet was closed,” hence the Versace. Gene Simmons’ pronunciation of “Los Angeles” as “Loas Angeleez” The fact that “I Can Love You Like That” by All-For-One was nominated for a Grammy, alongside the theme from Friends Peter Criss saying “yes!” when Pac announces the winner At one … Continue reading