Top 5 Live Music Moments of the Year [2007]

Best Live Moments of the Year Fats Domino — Blueberry Hill (Tipitina’s, May 19) I grew up in Lafayette with a series of mental sensations culled from weekend trips  to New Orleans that defined the city to me.  I remember watching  those miserable Saints teams of the late 80’s running onto the field, Gumbo leading … Continue reading

Explosions in the Sky’s Chris Hrasky [Republic, March 7, 2007]

I think it’s safe to say that we are a region equally accustomed to both tragedy and comedy. We have shown the rest of the country that it’s okay to laugh when you cry, that we are more than King George’s Court Jester. We are inherently self-obsessed, forever wary of outsiders (except those named Drew … Continue reading

Explosions in the Sky – The Rescue

Explosions in the Sky – The Rescue Temporary Residence – 3 Stars I became a Christian this summer, which, of course, involved a great deal of praying.  Now, nothing’s gonna make me love music any less, but, let’s face it, it’s hard to listen to Tiger Bear Wolf when you’re talking to God.  As a … Continue reading