Built to Spill [Howlin’ Wolf, March 3, 2008]

In 1997, Boise, ID, guitar-stretchers Built to Spill released Perfect From Now On, a sprawling record that patches together bits of Neil Young guitar, Pink Floyd atmospherics, and singer Doug Martsch’s star-gazing lyrics with melodies to match.  Though they had already released a couple of well-received indie pop records on Up that caught the ear … Continue reading

Top 5 Worst Musical Moments, 2005

1.  Hurricane Katrina (both for cancelling shows by Rilo Kiley, MIA, Magnolia Electric Co., Built to Spill, etc and for, well, you know.) 2.    The sound at the Walkmen’s Jazzfest show; Twiropa 3.     Chino Moreno’s ham-fisted guitar playing with Team Sleep; Howlin’ Wolf 4.    The tapdancer for Tilly and the Wall; Twiropa. I’m sorry.  I … Continue reading