To be fair, they’re not all bad

Though it is a bit disconcerting how few of them actually look like Barack.   Advertisements

Hold That, Tiger

Stolen (ironically) from Perhaps I should start by saying that I love my Louisiana home, as anyone in Grand Rapids may quickly attest to.  Ever since I visited France and saw that there was a part of the world that not only understood my home but loved and appreciated it, I’ve been a staunch … Continue reading

Why Christians Cannot in Good Conscience Vote for McCain

The Irish surname prefix “Mc” translates to “son of.” In the same way that the name “Johnson” means “Son of John,” McDuffy means “Son of Duffy.” And McCain means “Son of Cain.” Now Cain, as you may remember, is the Bible’s first recorded murderer, having killed his brother Abel after offering a less-than-faithful sacrifice to … Continue reading