Listener – Ozark Empire

(Or, a Snake Oil Salesman Comes to Your Town). I wish all Christian music sounded like this. (No offense). Ozark Empire, or a snake oil salesman comes to your town. from DAN SMITH on Vimeo. Advertisements

Update Update (Geaux Tigers, Go Habs Go, Who Dat Edition)

Quite a weekend for my sports teams: LSU won in convincing fashion, the Saints had a huge comeback against the Dolphins (despite three TDs from former Saint and Mater P protege Ricky Williams, no less), and the Canadiens even managed to put together an overtime win against the NY Rangers. Nice work, everyone! I figured … Continue reading

Why I’m About to Go Back Into the 50-degree rain

A man has to eat.

Montréal mini-post

Were it not for the fact that I have to sleep with four blankets in early October, Montréal would be just like Louisiana. (Not sure what that Boudin one is about, but it sure makes me hungry.)

Allez les tigres !

I know, I know, it’s been like two months since I’ve had anything to say. Here’s quick rundown of why I haven’t been able to write on here more than three times this summer: — Put 4,500 miles on my car before July 4th driving from Grand Rapids to Louisiana and back twice, including a … Continue reading

Hopefully, the world will listen

As a music journalist, I am bombarded with emails from bands and publicists of whom I’ve never heard. I’ll spare you the details of emails, but, as you can imagine, they’re mostly pretty standard ad-copy: our band is going to take over the world/the internet/Brooklyn; this band will change your life; this record will travel … Continue reading

I’ve Got You and That’s All I Need

It’s the end of the decade, as far as music journalists are concerned. Word has it that Paste is already assembling its Best Of The Aughts list, and I’m sure that our friends in Atlanta aren’t the only ones. Mile-markers are a big deal in music, for some reason, and the only thing more exciting … Continue reading

T’es trop canaille!

Poo-yi, mais every time I get sad cuz I miss ma home, I’m gonna watch dis video, me, an’ I think I’m gonna feel better. Mais, da best part is at 1:10. I wonder if that man live by the Scott Goodwill. (And if you think you better than me, you bess get down offa … Continue reading

Oh, Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has a new video. It’s for a song that has two (two!) curse words in the title. You can watch it here. He stole the beat from Shania Twain and the stage-dressing from, er, himself. Twelve years ago.* I just watched Manson’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 97, which I … Continue reading

You Don’t Have to Rock Alone

Stop sorting everything and listen to Wilco (The Album) on the band’s website.