Allez les tigres !

I know, I know, it’s been like two months since I’ve had anything to say. Here’s quick rundown of why I haven’t been able to write on here more than three times this summer:

— Put 4,500 miles on my car before July 4th driving from Grand Rapids to Louisiana and back twice, including a trip to Bonnaroo and a jump-off to Texas, where I Best Manned Paul and Mary Jo’s wedding.
— At said, wedding, proposed to the most wonderful lady in the world, Rachelle Allegrina Marie Sartini
— Spent a week in Iowa at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, learning how to twist raw thoughts into the beginning of something bigger (I’m sorry, I can’t help my superstition, but I’m not gonna say any more for fear of jinxing it)
— Packed up everything I own and moved halfway across the continent to Montreal, where I will start grad school on Tuesday (we get off for Labor Day, though we have to call it Labour Day or Fête des Travaux)

I have never been more worn-out and hopeful in my life.

And I am now sitting in a bar in Montreal, patiently waiting for LSU to kick off against U-Dub. It will be two am by the time the game is over. Yes!

Anyway, once I have a bit more stability, I expect to be updating the blog, and reinstating Keep your eyes/ears peeled!

One Response to “Allez les tigres !”
  1. liz says:

    yeah yeah!

    oh hey, here’s some interesting Canadian news for ya:

    Canada, scaring poor tourists with their forced socialism and fake bombs since 2009!

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