Hopefully, the world will listen

As a music journalist, I am bombarded with emails from bands and publicists of whom I’ve never heard. I’ll spare you the details of emails, but, as you can imagine, they’re mostly pretty standard ad-copy: our band is going to take over the world/the internet/Brooklyn; this band will change your life; this record will travel with you from apartment to apartment [still my favorite, and the only promo copy I’ve ever read that actually turned out to be true]. As you can imagine, I rarely even take the time to read the subject lines before I mark them as read and let them fester in my inbox.

Today, though, I got a message from a Belgian group called Palomine. The longish email said very little about the record, which was a surprise in and of itself. The release date? Well–as soon as we can all make it happen. Palomine have vowed to not release Attention Alpha until someone in every single UN-backed country has had a chance to hear it.

That’s right. At least one representative from all 194 countries, including the Vatican (which, Palomine admits, may be a bit of a challenge.)

It works like this: make a video of yourself talking in your native tongue about Palomine–in any way, shape, or form, I suppose; the email doesn’t specify*–and upload it to http://www.theworldislistening.com. You’ll get a special download code and a copy of the record with artwork. If you don’t like it? That’s fine–you didn’t pay for it.

It’s a pretty great idea, but these guys don’t have a real publicist, so they’re counting on the thing to go viral. So, if you happen to be reading this from foreign environs–foreign to Belgium, Palomine’s home–do the group a favor and check them out.

*note: turns out you have to say, “Hi, I’m _________ from __________ and I listen to Palomine.” No biggie.


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