Bitte Orca

I reviewed Bitte Orca, the Dirty Projectors’ latest record, for the upcoming issue of Filter. The issue isn’t out yet, and the record won’t be out until 6/9. Because of a bit of confusion, which was probably my fault, I never got my own copy of the album and had to e-borrow my editors’ watermarked digital copy. I listened to it as much as I could in the one-week window that I have between when I get a record and when the review’s due, and then I had to delete it, as Patrick (understandably) didn’t want any of his watermarked music floating around in the air above Michigan and California.
For whatever reason–the fact that everything leaks, or that I get new releases before they’re out–I haven’t had to sit down and wait for a record in a very long time. It would be tough enough, but having heard this thing and knowing how drop-dead awesome it is is driving me crazy. I find myself humming bits of melody that I’m holding onto in the hopes that I won’t forget the way this music makes me feel. It’s not unlike that episode of Pete & Pete where Little Pete hears Polaris playing “Summerbaby” and can never place it again. (“I was around-nobody knows, nobody knows!”–great song, that one).
Anyway, the anticipation for June 9th is killing me.

*edit: Domino, the DPs label, has just crashed its online market. They started taking pre-orders for the CASSETTE version of Bitte Orca. Yes!


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