Now We Can See

Man, I am loving the new record by the Thermals. I haven’t heard a pop-punk record so catchy since Ted Leo’s Hearts of Oak, which I can still play five times a day without getting sick of. It’s that same bars-on-a-Saturday, drinking-beers-and-barbecuing feel that I get from Ted. (I should point out that no one else in the world probably hear either of these bands as such; they’re both way too political for that). As giddy as it’s got me, and as sticky as it feels, I feel a sense of darkness below the surface here, and I’m sure that once I devote an afternoon to paying attention to what they’re saying, I’ll discover what it is I’m talking about here. But, until then, it’s the jam.

“I looked my fear in the eyes,
I looked at the water below,
I knew I could love or live,
I let it go.”

That’s some good obscurity, there. Of what does he let go? Love or life? Beautiful.
(You can hear “I let it go” here).


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