What’s a tea party?

Further attempts at passing inaction off as action.  Rather than come up with an actual protest, those upset with President Obama’s tax plan have rehashed an old (good) idea, but without having to actually do anything.  The Boston Tea Party wasn’t a bunch of rich white Texans holding signs.  It was colonialists tossing actual tea — the offending item — off of an actual ship — the vehicle of the offending item — in an attempt to make actual, physical, tangible change.  And it was illegal.  And it worked.

If you’re going to throw a tea party, it would be best to throw a little tea.  

The American Revolution wasn’t fought at home.

(I should also note that this is not a frustration with tax protestors — though I’m not on their side — as much as it is frustration with protesting in general when it’s used as an excuse to not actually do anything about the problem.  Be creative and do something.  The forefathers didn’t work within the given set of laws, and if they had, we wouldn’t be talking about them and impotently imitating them today.  That goes for all sides.  And for myself.)


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