Oh Good Grief

This is what bad music writing looks like.

The writer clearly has nothing to say about Pattern is Movement, but rather than simply report the news (which is, of course, what he’s supposed to be doing), he feels the need to impose his personality upon it, resulting in the annoying mess above.

Pitchfork does this fairly regularly (see this post on Sufjan Stevens’ winning a prestigious award  for his symphony about the Brooklyn Expressway; you could write a book about Pitchfork’s relationship with Sufjan if you wanted), and it’s very annoying.

The problem here is that Dave Maher, the writer of the Pattern is Movement article, disrespects the band; in a space that could have been used to explain why we should care about Pattern is Movement in the first place (the closest thing we get to a description of their sound is the brief mention that they will be opening for Shudder to Think, “who are awesome”), Maher, who is not content to post a news item without adding a coat of his own personality, even if that coat makes the wearer look awful, takes the simple and sophomoric route of pointing out their beards over and over and over again.

Pitchfork news writers: write the news.  That’s your job.


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