Déjà Vu

It’s been three years and a day since everything changed, and it looks like it’s going to keep changing.  And yet all of the photos look the same, at least so far.

If you’re so inclined, please pray for Louisiana.  

I have to say, though, I do feel a bit more comfortable knowing that the guy in charge of evacuations at the airport is called Col. Bullet Young.  Ain’t no funny business gonna happen around a dude named Bullet, that’s for sure.

And if CNN’s Rick Sanchez is any kind of barometer for how the national media is going to be behaving for the next few days — calling the evacuation a “mess” when it’s been overwhelmingly smooth so far, repeating rumors that he’s heard, and generally making New Orleanians sound like they’re running around screaming — then I may be apologizing to you all for the way I react.  I’ve been very proud of Gov. Jindal’s leadership thus far, and even slightly proud of Nagin, even if he did call Gustav “the storm of the century” and claimed that its footprint was 900 miles wide (it’s 900 miles from Jacksonville, FL, to Houston, TX; nice try, C. Ray).  In other words, we’re applying the lessons that we learned three years ago, and we’re evacuating as smoothly as can be.  We lost enough national capital following Katrina.  We don’t need to lose any more.

Well, here we go.


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