The below

The reason that I share the below is because I feel that I’m guilty of it more often than not.  Maybe I’m not guilty of doing it against, you know, Iranians or anything like that (though probably only because I encouter them less often), but…I think I am guilty of it when it comes to people from other parts of America.  I know that sounds funny, but I’m being absolutely serious.

I don’t know what’s caused it — the fact that I love love love Louisiana with all of my heart, the simple effects of being a football fan at the level that I am, or what — but I know that it’s true.  I feel superior to many people simply because of where I’m from.  I don’t let on, usually; I typically am polite and do my best to love them anyway.  But in my heart, I will always give preference to people from Louisiana.  Certainly this isn’t entirely bad (and it’s a good thing to be proud of where you’re from), but you can’t really count someone as better than yourself if you automatically think less of them when you hear that they’re from anywhere but Louisiana. Additionally, you can’t really claim to love justice (or Louisiana, for that matter) if you refuse to see the bad things that are done in your home.  I am guilty of both of those things, too.

Fact of the matter is, Louisiana is a great place among many great places, filled with great people among many great people.  It is my home and the place that I love more than any other, and I hope to one day die there (uh, way in the future).  But my love of home should never, ever supercede my ability to love people of all cultures.


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