I’ve posted too much today, but I just can’t let this get past me. If Mediate can almostbeat Tiger, then I’m for peace too.

That belt buckle grosses me out.  Same thing happened at Jazz Fest when Marcia Ball ended her set by flashing a peace sign and mouthing the word “peace” several times.  I’m all for peace (all for it), but…well…so is everyone at this point.  It’s like saying you’re for ending the problems in Darfur: that’s great, but what are you gonna do about it?

Maybe my point is this: flashing peace signs etc lends you an air of depth that I don’t think is real.  It’s become more of a cultural marker than any sort of meaningful sign, one more belief that we can change with our shoes.  It’s something you can put on that makes people stop and say, “Hey, that person is a thinker.”  Is peace that important to you?  Gimme action.


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