Greetings from Sunny Los Angeles

Just finished up the first day of work. My office is in a warehouse in downtown LA, next door to a fruit-packing warehouse. Our next door neighbor is Little Radio, a superhip streaming indie station that broadcasts from a crow’s nest in the adjacent warehouse. Very Pump Up the Volume. Little Radio apparently throws cool underground shows in their space (hence the studio taking up so little room) and killer weekend block parties that The Aquarium Drunkard occasionally djs.

Speaking of Aquarium Drunkard, the lion’s share of my duties in Los Angeles will be to assist in the building of his blog, both as a writer and a promoter. I’ll be doing record reviews, interviews, features, and show reviews for the site, which gets about 4,000 unique visitors/day. I’ll also be helping to publicize the blog, sorta turn it into a brand. It’s strange to think that this operation, which is basically just Justin and Scott and (now) me can be strange and influential in the music industry these days. Power to the people, hey?

Here are a few pics of the office:

The Office Suite

Our office suite; the office I share with Scott is the one with the door open, behind the painted mannequin legs

Justin’s office

Little Radio’s space; their studio is behind the curtain above the back area

Front Door

Also, the photo I sent out yesterday of the view from my roof apparently didn’t make it through the emails, so here it is…

Alright everyone, I love you much. Holla atcha soon.


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