Wish List 2007

Wish List 2007

1.    To lighten up a little bit; go read my column this month and you’ll understand.
2.    I know it’s not out yet, but that new My Morning Jacket record is going to be killer.
3.    The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan Live at the Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965. DVD.  Wherein Mr. Dylan plugs in his Fender Stratocaster and greatly offends Pete Seeger
4.    Acadiana Self-Reliance T-shirt in Louisiana Blue; Dirty Coast.  Ahh, the Louisiana seal, complete with bundles of money in the pelican’s clinched talon. The mix of pride and self-deprecation that laces Dirty Coast’s shirts makes me think that they understand what it means to be from Louisiana.
5.    The duck plate at Dick and Jenny’s, Tchoupitoulas.  Living in Baton Rouge, nothing even begins to compare.  Seriously, there’s no restaurant in the city where you can get gourmet food without putting on long pants.  Translation: good food trumps stuffy atmosphere every time.  God bless New Orleans.


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