Vietnam [Twiropa, March 7, 2005]

If compact discs were made of what they feel like, no one would ever touch Vietnam’s The Concrete’s Always Greyer on the Other Side of the Street.  No one wants to pick up a mud pie iced with blood, concrete, barbed wire, oil fresh from a rig, and a dash of tears.  Luckily for you, CDs are made of polycarbonate plastic with a reflective foil layer and  a touch of lacquer, and you can hear Vietnam’s loud-soft EP.  The so-close-to-bluesy-but-a-bit-too-hip duo originally hail from Texas, but, assuredly being embarrassed, moved to the decidedly hipper Brooklyn, where their sound is almost alien.  Their sound is as tough as Flathbush, though; imagine stone cold blues riffs played by the Butthole Surfers.  Singer/guitarist/no last name possessor Michael William purrs like Lou Reed singing a Bob Dylan song in “It Makes No Difference to Me”, right before he and multi-instrumentalist/fellow no last name possessor Joshua Garrett  bust the song open with Sonic Youth-y noise pop.  The loud/soft/blues/noise dynamic should make for an interesting show when they ride the rails into Twiropa March 7th with the Comas.


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