Top 5 Worst Musical Moments, 2005

1.  Hurricane Katrina (both for cancelling shows by Rilo Kiley, MIA, Magnolia Electric Co., Built to Spill, etc and for, well, you know.)
2.    The sound at the Walkmen’s Jazzfest show; Twiropa
3.     Chino Moreno’s ham-fisted guitar playing with Team Sleep; Howlin’ Wolf
4.    The tapdancer for Tilly and the Wall; Twiropa.
I’m sorry.  I know a ton of people are really into Tilly and the Wall, but tapdancing is not an instrument.  Is it cute and kinda interesting in one song?  Sure.  An entire set?  The only moment of relaxation came when the band paused so the lead singer could propose to her.  He’d better pray that their house doesn’t have hardwood floors.
5.  The entire set by the New York Dolls (except their cover of Joplin’s “Piece of the Heart”); Voodoo Fest


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