Top 5 Live Moments, 2005

Top Five Live Music Moments, 2005 (National)

1.  Mayor Ray Nagin on stage; Voodoo Fest
I’ll spare the explanation and just say that it was incredibly heartwarming to see Nagin on stage; he wasn’t smiling, he wasn’t laughing, he was positively giddy over the site of 15,000 coming together.  Every other time I’d seen him on TV since Katrina he looked like an all-nighter, so seeing him jump up and down made me happy.  Not to mention the fact that he chose to speak right after the New York Dolls’ set, making him the only mayor in history to publicly endorse cross-dressing (even if in a roundabout way).
2.  The transition between sections of the Decemberists’ “California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade,” Twiropa.
3.  Tiger Bear Wolf musically punching 70 people in the face; a show that did roughly sixty more people than the rest of the shows on their tour averaged; Twiropa.
4.  Trail of Dead pulling people on stage during “Richter Scale Madness” only to have HOB Security freak out and pull them all back off; House of Blues.
5.  The Upper Crust’s late-night Mardi Gras set; One Eyed Jack’s.
Three in the morning, Mardi Gras Friday, drunk men on stage in 18th Century clothing.  Many, many references to boudoirs, rickshaw boys, ascots, and the like.  Many drunk people enjoying every second of the AC/DC-like “Beauty Spot;” a few people taking it seriously and also loving it.  Quite possibly the only time that I have ever thought the following sentence:  “Man, the Duke D’istortion is a really great guitarist.”


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