Neko Case [Republic, August 12, 2007]

Comedian Eddie Izzard, when commenting on the National Anthem, said that it doesn’t really matter what you’re singing as long as you’re singing with gusto.  The same could be said of Neko Case; this show would be a hard sellout even if she were going to sing the Orleans Parish Yellow Pages. Fortunately, Case, whose voice sits somewhere between Loretta Lynn’s sassiness and Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney’s aggression, will be taking time off from fronting the New Pornographers to play some of her solo material.  Her songs often play out like mini Flannery O’Connor narratives: here’s a murder, there’s a cornfield, here’s God showing up in a bizarre situation.  2006’s Fox Confessor Brings the Flood – which found itself on many year-end best-of lists — cemented her reputation as indie elite, the songs being textured as deep and rough as the lyrics themselves, Case’s voice rising gracefully above it like a siren.  Her live shows are said to be even more impressive, as her stunning voice holds its own against re-interpretations of some of her older songs.  Come expecting beautiful music, Case’s warm personality, and stupid drunks asking her to take her shirt off.


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