Gregor Samsa – 55:12

Gregor Samsa – 55:12
The Kora Records – 3 Stars

Do you know who Gregor Samsa is?  Yes you do.  He was in your elementary school class.  He sat in the corner and he looked kinda foreign but actually just lived by that old creepy school on Milne?  He didn’t say much, and when he did it was kind of awkward because his pop culture references were limited entirely to Family Ties and Donahue?  Does that jog the memory?
Well anyway, that kid grew up and made a record.  While 55:12 is certainly an amiable enough effort, and far better than any kind of post-rock experimentation that I could ever come up with, it just drifts along for the most part, more content with sitting in its corner not saying too much than with actually making a statement.  The genre is so wide-open that bands like this have no excuse to not stretch out a bit and attempt to find their own voice.  Hell, maybe this is their voice, but if it is, they need to speak up.  When Gregor (the name of the band, not an actual person as it turns out, though returned a few results) tires of making gurgling noises to itself and actually works up the courage to talk, it has the result of Groundhog’s Day:  it’s not too surprising, but I end up watching it every time around anyway.


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