Boom Bip — Blue Eyed in the Red Room

Boom Bip – Blue Eyed in the Red Room
Lex Records; 3 stars

Have you ever licked the top of an alkaline battery?  Of course you have, because you were twelve years old at one point.  If you are under twelve, go ahead and lick a battery right now.  Get the experience early.  The copper tastes mellow as it bleeds its way down your throat while the battery’s power sends a quick but effective shock down the entire body.  Now, I want to do a little experiment here.  Close your eyes.  Wait.  No.  Keep them open, but concentrate really hard on that  exact moment that your tongue touches the + side of your Duracells.  Now scatter a few snare hits around and a touch of e-bowed guitars.  There you have it:  Boom Bip’s Blue Eyed in the Red Room.
Red Room is a sometimes-interesting sometimes-not mix of pushy cymbals and incredibly metallic beats.  The album dips deep into Ratatat territory without quite reaching the brilliance of that band.  And that’s Boom Bip’s major problem.  There seems to be a set formula for music like this that nearly every band follows and Boom Bip do very little to set themselves apart from their peers, save for a bit of atmosphere building that most bands lack.  While the music is great to put on, say, when one is organizing one’s record collection, it does not work as foreground music.  That being said, if you happen to be driving around the Warehouse District at night and your Gun Called Tension album is too scratched to play, go ahead and put on Blue Eyed in the Red Room.  It won’t change your life, but not every album has to.


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