Bang! Bang! — Electric Sex EP

Bang!  Bang!  – Electric Sex EP
Morphius Records; 3 ½ Stars

It’s about time that someone recognizes the genius of the Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat.”  It’s a sad day when the only person keeping the Go-Go’s torch burning in popular music is Hilary Duff.  And she’s not exactly helping the cause.  But then along comes Chicago’s Bang!  Bang!  The power trio write the kind of sticky songs that made Belinda Carlisle a household name and mainstream wet dream twenty years ago.  Singer Jack Flash screams like, well, like Mick Jagger over strong, bouncy backbeats.  While the popped-gum melodies of early 80s girl groups is a definite presence, Flash brings a cocksure masculinity to the mix.  His howl is a nice counter to bassist Gretta Fine’s Kim Deal-on-punk rawk-like vocals, particularly on “Electric Sex (Down on the Dance Floor)”.  The two vocalists shout at one another while the band builds a rave-up that is bound to get the hipsters shaking.  When played at the right volume, Flash’s explosion of “We love it love it love it,” in the chaotic (and almost Dischord Records-worthy) chorus becomes the only music that could possibly matter.  Make the dance floor shake.


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